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Buganda UK is composed of the 20,000 strong Luganda speaking community in UK and Ireland. Luganda is the mother tongue to the Baganda - the largest ethnic group who are found in the middle and south of Uganda and it is one of the 50 most spoken languages in the UK.

Buganda in UK is made up of the Buganda community living in United Kingdom and Ireland.

Buganda is a Kingdom located in Uganda in East Africa. Buganda Kingdom has a long and extensive history. It was unified in the 14th century under the first king Kato Kintu and continued to grow under the successive kings. As of the 2002 census, there were over 6.5 million Baganda and as of 2011, there are estimated to be over 8.4 million.

Buganda in UK therefore brings together the Baganda and friends of Buganda in United Kingdom and Ireland to celebrate their culture and develop the Buganda Kingdom.

Buganda UK

BugandaUK is your home for all news, events and information about the Buganda community in the UK