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The Katikkiro visits Kasubi Royal Tombs

The Katikkiro visits Kasubi Royal Tombs

Katikkiro Charles Peter Mayiga visited the Kasubi Tombs to see the progress of the renovation work and how the remaining works will be done properly following tradition.

He says the rest of the work is to decorate the interior, the outer courtyard is being worked on, and he says it will remain in the same shape as it was during the Mutesa 1 era, still, it is to be made of stones.

Due to local custom, the inner fence is also being rebuilt, and the main house must be completed.

Katikkiro said the progress of the work is very crucial since it is the image that everyone who visits the tombs should see, hence the glory of Buganda can be seen in Kasubi.


Katikkiro (left) walking out of the Kasubi Royal Tombs.

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